Monday, October 10, 2011

Dylan turns two: The decorations.

I started planning Dylan's birthday party a few months ago (ok, really planning. I had been bouncing ideas around since the day after his first birthday party). For awhile I thought that Dylan would love an Elmo themed party, but from 18 months on he has been fixated on Toy Story, and so a Toy Story party was born. I didn't want the party to be 100% commercial Toy Story, so I focused on Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye and mixed in a cowboy theme as well. 

I found the cutest invites by Posh Tot Parties on Etsy. They were quick and easy to work with, and they had a lot of cute options. 

Then I went about finding a party decorations package. For Dylan's 1st birthday I made everything myself, and I realized that I could cut out a lot of time by finding some custom ready-made decor. 

I picked a package from KidsPartiesRock on Etsy and they customized everything for Dylan. The banner, centerpieces, food labels, water bottle labels... pretty much everything came from that custom package. 

Here are some pictures of the party decor:
 I went with the cowboy theme, which in my mind meant burlap, cow print, and bandanas. I stuck with red and yellow as accent colors, since the colors are both in Woody and Jessie's outfits. 

 The M&M cookies were home made using the recipe from Little Miss Momma. They were so delicious and worth the effort! The other cookies were from Costco. 
 The cupcakes were also home made and turned out great. I had a lot of people ask me if I got the cupcakes professionally done and I'm proud to say that they were done by me and my mom. 
I wanted to have veggies at the party, as some people didn't want to consume only sugar. I tried to play to the interest of the kiddos by having carrots and cucumbers in a little cup with ranch on the bottom. 
We also picked up some pizzas from Papa Murphys. I thought that 4 large pizzas would be too much food, but every piece was eaten!
 The party favors were sheriff stars and bandannas for all of the kids, which went along with the cowboy theme. A few adults wore them too!
Another favor was Hershey Bars. I loved that we had a custom wrapper, so everything stayed with the theme!

Here is the delish store-bought cake. I wanted to make a little cake for Dylan, but with time constraints we went with a cake from Target's bakery. It worked out great though and was the perfect with the little centerpiece that I found from the Disney Store. 

Coming next- Dylan turns two: The party.


Sarah said...

cutest party EVER!! I was one of the "few adults" that wore the party favors. LOL. Andie has already put that purple bandanna to use. I am sad I forgot to take home a chocolate bar. LUCKILY I consumed enough of the rest of the food. Lastly...can't believe those M&M cookies were homemade. They looked & tasted like perfection.

Ashley said...

Amazing! Seriously you should consider party planning as a profession. I can't even explain how fantastic I think it all looks. And on top of that, your pictures look like they were taken by a professional too! Beautiful shots! It all looks like it came straight out of a magazine! And I seriously want to try those M&M cookies. They look so good! You have one lucky little boy (and very lucky guests)! Happy Birthday Dylan!

Just Jaime said...

WOW everything looks awesome! Great idea to get a package for the the decorations.

Angela and Mike said...

It looks AHHHHH-mazing. I love it. All of it. You rock.

Kaley said...

so cute! good work!

Morgan said...

You are quite the professional!!! Wow!!!

Kathleen said...

Love it!! Everything looks so great! I can't wait for the party pictures!

Anonymous said...

so cute. sad we missed it. i LOVE the cow print balloons. and i really hope that you got that blow up for free...