Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Birchbox!

My first Birchbox arrived on Tuesday, and I was so excited! Seeing that hot pink box in my mail brought me more joy that it probably should have, and it didn't disappoint. 

Here's a look at what I received in my first box:

1. Korres body butter
2. blinc mascara
3. The Laundress delicate wash
4. Caudalie night cream
5. Stila eyeshadow

I've tried everything except for the delicate wash so far, and I love it all! I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out... these Birchbox people are smart, because they get you hooked to all these fancy products and then you want to buy them when you run out. I really want to get a full-size version of the night cream, but at $68 for 30 ml I think that it'll have to wait. Blast.

I've heard of a few other people getting their Birchboxes and I'm surprised at the difference in the boxes! I thought that everyone got the same thing, but nope. You fill out a beauty profile and your box contents is customized for you.

If anyone is interested in signing up for Birchbox (just $10 each month), let me know- I want to get referral points :)


carterhaileyzoesmommy said...

ooh that sounds like fun....tell me where to sign up so you get your referral points!


Terri and Jack said...

i want to sign up too--looks great and who doesnt like surprises?