Monday, October 17, 2011

The weekend.

As always, the weekend flew right by. I had things going on both Friday and Saturday, and we have finally reached the end of our three weeks of being busier than usual. Now the only thing on our books is Halloween in a few weeks. I love not having anything that I have to do!

Here are a few bits about my weekend...

1. I hosted Bunco on Friday, which was a blast. I cooked the delicious pulled pork that I've talked about previously and also the M&M cookies. Since it is so close to Halloween, all of the players were required to dress up. I was a leopard, complete with ears and a tail. I even drew on some whiskers. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures... and it was at my house!

2. I got my sorry self to the gym on Saturday morning. I ran with more intensity than usual, which kind of kicked my butt for the rest of the day. Whew. 

3. Dylan was invited to his best pal's 2nd birthday party, which was really fun. Dylan was all about the festivities, like the pinata and singing "Happy Birthday."

4. I may have watched the Kim Kardashian Ridiculous, Over the top Wedding Extravaganza on Saturday night. I'm aware that this show is completely scripted, but I cannot get past how overdone everything was. Made me a little sad for Kris Humphries, to be quite honest. And I didn't like the headpiece, or any of her dresses. Take that, Ryan Seacrest.

5. Dylan learned how to climb out of his crib on Sunday! Blast! Let's hope this doesn't destroy his lovely 3 hour naps. 

6. I also ate my weight in candy and baked goods on Sunday. Not good for the tush. 

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Kaley said...

Seriously, what IS it with headpieces? Why do people want to look like a 6 year-old fairy princess?