Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A few thank you notes.

Dear Sweet Spirit at church,

Thank you for leaving this beautiful mark and dent on my car door. Even though you did not leave a note on my car to identify yourself and/or offer to pay for the repair, Jesus knows who you are. Bless your heart. 

Dear President Uchtdorf, 
Thanks for giving such great talks that tell me exactly what I need to hear. Also, thanks for being a Silver Fox. Aaaaaaand I'm going to hell for typing that. 

Dear Kate Middleton/Duchess Kate,
Thank you for being absolutely fabulous. You seem like such kind and genuine person, and your style is impeccable. If you ever need an American bff, please call me.

Dear Dylan,
Thank you for being such a sweet little boy. You bring me joy every single day.


Miller Fam said...

Hilarious! And you kind of have a point about the Silver fox thing ;)

Megan Payne said...

i didn't get the silver fox thing for about 15 seconds... then, my mouth dropped!! You're totally right!! Hahah! I now will NEVER look at him the same!

Sarah said...

I LOVE reading your blog. You make me laugh ALL the time. This post did not fail me. I loved every word & couldn't agree more about Kate & Pres Uchtdorf. I need to message Meg...where has she been?!?! Anyway, so sorry about your car. Good thing you know a guy. :) Loved your attitude about the whole thing. (Or at least the after attitude??) Happy Halloween!!