Wednesday, November 9, 2011

He is his mother's son.

{sleepy munchkin}

Let me preface this story by noting that it is my parents who will best understand this post. 

Today, Dylan fell asleep in the car at 5:30 pm. I unbuckled him from his car seat and expected him to wake up then. Nope, still dead asleep. I brought him inside and laid him on the couch. He stirred and said, "No sleep," but then went right back to sleep. I decided to let him sleep for about 20 minutes so that I could prepare dinner with plans of waking him up before dinnertime. 

Big mistake. 

I should have made him stay awake once we got to the house. Why? Once it was time to wake him up from his power nap he was not a happy little boy.

 No, no. 

Instead, there was a boy who was crying and howling for two hours straight. He cried because he wanted me to hold him, he cried because Ben was looking at him, he cried because he wanted dinner, he cried because he didn't want dinner. An interrupted evening nap turned Dylan into a very sad boy. 

What does this have to do with me? Everything. Apparently I was exactly the same as a child. If I ever went down for a nap- be it morning, afternoon, or evening- you did not wake me up. Unless there was truly no other option available, you never interrupted my sleep. Otherwise you would be faced with hours of me crying and wailing, "Youuuu woooooke meeee upppppp!"

Luckily, Dylan came out of his funk before bedtime and there was a little bit of fun family time before actual bedtime. 

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Sarah said...

Exactly how my kids are. It's all about the timing darn it!