Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter, Easter.

This weekend has been all about Easter. Dylan is to an age where he understands lots of what's going on, and  I love that I can teach him things. A few weeks ago I bought him these books in preparation for the holiday:

The first one is just for fun and getting excited about the Easter bunny, but the second was a great pick- it talks about some of the fun Easter celebrations like the Easter Bunny and such, but then it has a great message of, "The eggs are fun and the Easter bunny is okay, but Easter's not about that stuff. It's about God's son." Great book. Both were found at Barnes & Noble.

Last night we tried  dying eggs for the first time with Dylan. I was a little afraid that Dylan would end up knocking over all of the dye cups (or worse- drinking them!), but he really did a great job. Here are the finished products:

True story: Yesterday was the first time I had ever hard boiled an egg. I had no idea how to do it, so I turned to trusty Wikipedia for help. Unfortunately, there were a few egg casualties:
I think it  may be the result of Dylan's overzealous fingers than my hard-boiling skills. Just saying.

Today we took Dylan on his very first Easter egg hunt! We went to the Orem City hunt, and it was really fun! We ended up seeing some of our neighbors too!
A look at the area pre-hunt. 

At first Dylan was content to wait patiently for the hunt to begin, but that didn't last...
He may have tried to get a head start on the other kids...
He did a great job finding eggs and candy when the hunt started. When it comes to candy, this boy will do just about anything. 
I was there, too! Unfortunately, I'm looking a little like Cousin It in this one...
{Happy child, The End}

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