Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Mish-Mash.

1. As you may know, I looooove cereal. Like, I eat it between 1 and 2 times a day, every day. Now that I'm on a health kick I realize that I need to curb my cereal appetite. Enter in my new favorite breakfast: 

2. Dylan was so cute on Easter morning and loved everything in his basket. Here he is trying to master the art of the Pez dispenser. 

3. We decided to get rid of cable on Tuesday morning (gasp!), and I've been perfectly ok with it until this morning. I really wanted to watch The Today Show while eating my oatmeal and strawberries breakfast, but alas, there was no way to watch it on the tv. I probably could have watched it on my computer, but seemed like more work to me. Bah. 

4. I am quite fascinated with the whole colored denim trend, and I think that I may get myself a pair in the near future. I fully expect to be ridiculed by the husband, since he detests all things trendy. Have at it, husband. I like them anyway.

5. Tickets are booked to an Indiana trip next month! 8 blessed days of family and no work! Hooray! Double hooray that we're flying out of the Provo airport, rather than SLC. So darn convenient!

Alright, Dylan's up, and it's time to get on with the day. Have a great one!


sarahbclark! said...

8 days in indiana? woohoo! and now you can have the basement apartment all to yourselves.
i also love the colored denim trend, but since they draw all attention to the leg area they won't work on me. maybe colored denim jackets will be the next thing? ooh, i like that idea!
and what cereal is in that bowl?

Anonymous said...

Get the jeans!!! I haven't found any good ones that work for me (sadface) but I'm not giving up. I really want a pair of green ones! Darn you J. Crew for being too expensive!

Lori said...

you should just get an antenna so you can watch local channels (the today show) :)

Sarah said...

i am in LOVE with the mint skinnies. I really want a pair!!