Monday, August 6, 2012

This may sound blasphemous and unAmerican...

But there's something about Ryan Lochte that I'm not liking. Sure, he's ridiculously talented and not bad looking, but there's something about him that shouts toolbag to me.

Maybe it's the grill?

Or the shoes?

Maybe it's his mom's creepy one night stand comments?

Whatever it is, I cracked up when I saw this collage:

Did he say any of these things? No idea. But the face + the captions gave me a good laugh. Enjoy :)


sarah d said...

Chrissy, you crack me up! Some things never change. :) xo

Just Jaime said...

You are so right. But I just ignore what comes out of his mouth. Or the grills that go in his mouth. Or the shoes on his feet.

Just Jaime said...

Oh and he did say those things.

Kaley said...

I've thought this same thing! I think it's the fact that when he talks it sounds like he has the IQ of a 6th grader. Maybe. And those shoes? Seriously? That comment his mom made is suuuuuper creepy. Do you think she knows what a one night stand is? Maybe she thinks it's just a date? Let's hope so. Although I'm pretty sure he lives with her, which means he'd be bringing the ladies home. Awkward.

Anonymous said...

Oh he's a TOTAL toolbag! But who cares?! THAT BODY.