Monday, August 20, 2012

A Sight to See.

Alright friends, this is a fabulous and ridiculous story from March of this year...

See the above picture? It's an enormous painted canvas (5 feet wide, 3 feet tall) that matches my basement colors and style perfectly. My mom and I couldn't believe our luck when we found it at Pier 1. A downside? It had a major rip on the left side. Ummmm, who wants a canvas with a big rip in it?

Well, after looking at things a little more closely, my mom and I realized that the rip wasn't that bad at all- if we taped up the back you would really never know that anything happened in the first place. Bonus- it was super marked down as a result of the rip- originally $150 down to $50. I asked the manager if we could have an additional markdown due to the rip (something that I never do- bargaining/negotiating makes me feel like a jerk), and she let us have an additional 30% off! Enormous, lovely canvas for $35? Done and done.

That's the fabulous part of the story, now we're on to the ridiculous part...

So we're all excited about this awesome canvas. We haul it out to my car and realize that it will not fit in my car or my trunk, no matter what crazy arrangement we tried to make. It wasn't going to work. What did we end up doing? We put the canvas on the roof of my car and held onto it on each side as we drove home. 

We had to drive super slow so it wouldn't go flying off, which a huge group of people outside of Outback Steakhouse time to see what a sight we were...They definitely started pointing and laughing at us. We looked ridiculous, no lie. Luckily, our drive home was very short, so the ghetto transport of our purchase didn't last long. Whew.

After a little duck tape help, the canvas looked good as new and was promptly hung up behind my basement couch. 

The End.


Lauren said...

Loved this!
a friend of mine bought 200 balloons for her son's birthday party one year, without thinking through how she would get them all home (in a standard sized car)...she ended up holding on to them, out her car window, as she drove from provo to lindon. I'm sure this was a similar sight. :) Thank heavens, it was just across the street for you!

Terri and Jack said...

You forgot to mention that it was freezing cold, and that we each had to have our windows open with your left arem and my right arm (and hand) hanging out the window and onto the roof to hold the canvas. It really was a great find that we just couldn't pass up. The painting looks so much better than the picture shows. It was worth the unusual transport.