Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Favorites.

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite things... 

Favorite Wish List Item
Pretty much everything at Plum Street Prints
Looking for the coolest iPhone or iPad case in the land? Here they are. They're not exactly cheap, but they're a lovely balance between individual and professional. You bet I'm saving for an iPhone case. 

Favorite Class at the Gym
Body Pump
I've been getting into weight lifting lately, and I just love this class. In one hour I'm able to work every major muscle group through not too heavy weights, but tonnnnnns of reps. The teachers at 24 hour fitness are always great too, and the workout is set to great music. 

Favorite internet sensation
Ever since McKayla Maroney tushed it and ended up with the silver medal in vault, her "not impressed" face has made the rounds all over the internet. I think it's hilarious- there are numerous websites solely devoted to the "not impressed" picture and are making all sorts of funnies:

Favorite Beauty Buy

Jergen's Natural Glow Foam
I decided to try this out last week after running out of my regular lotion. I love it! It dries much more quickly and there is no stinky smell! Hooray! The results seem to be the same and I feel like the foam is much more convenient, as I don't half to walk around the house with no pants on for 30 minutes while waiting for the dang lotion to dry. Sorry for the tmi.


What are some of your favorite things?


Anonymous said...

I love Jergens lotion - I had no idea they now made a foam! Totally putting that on my Target list this weekend!

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing Mckayla's picture. LOL!! I have to ask-your lotion really takes that long to dry? I've never heard of that. Glad you found the foam then! My favorite lately is dry shampoo but I'm late on that band wagon so nothing exciting. :)

Alyssa said...

LOVE the "not impressed" look!! I especially love it in the one with Tom Cruise! Hilarious!