Saturday, October 11, 2008

Corn, animals, and COLD.

Last night Ben and I went on a triple date to Hee Haw farm in Pleasant Grove. Aside from the freezing cold temps and the biting wind, we had a really fun time with our pals.

Here we are in front of the most monstrous pig I've ever seen:

It was almost as big as a cow!
Sliding down the haystack slide. Quite painful actually.

The group! Getting the guys (especially Ben) to do this was a task.

I do like these girls.

We also went though a corn maze, which actually took awhile. It was just so dark and there were no signs to tell us whether we were going the right way or the wrong way. Too bad we weren't like the kids in the storybook story who left a trail of crumbs or something so we'd know where we already went. What story is that from? Or am I just making things up?

Anyway,The night finished up by going back to Evan and Jamie's for a movie. Poor Ben was falling asleep in the middle of the movie, so we had to cut out early. Thanks for the great night friends!


sarahbclark! said...

chrissi, that story is called "hansel & gretel". there is also a witch who lives in a gingerbread house full of candy, to lure children so she can eat them. remember?

Anonymous said...

ps, i bet you weren't walking through david archuleta's (utah's idol) face because it is not at HEE HAW farms it is at thanksgiving point. i will address this at the next staff meeting

Jasmyn said...

That was so fun, Chrissi! Thanks for coming and for taking all the pictures so now I can steal them. :)

Lindsey said...

How fun! wish we were there to go with you guys!