Sunday, October 5, 2008

Had a nightmare.

In the beginning, I was in California, consciously thinking that I'd never been to California before.

Flash forward to going to an old-time movie theater to see "The Hills have Eyes 3" and feeling guilty for seeing an R-rated movie. Then, I saw Mindy Kaling (plays Kelly Kapoor in The Office) in the theater and my guilt was replaced with excitement over seeing a celeb.

Suddenly, I was in the movie. I was running around in a field, feeling terrified. I knew there were scary cannibals out there that were going to get me. Then I realized that I was bleeding out of my ears, which increased my fear of a slow and painful death. I then woke up. It was 4 am.

What is the deal?

1. I've never seen "The Hills have Eyes."
2. Is there even a "The Hills have Eyes" 2? Or 3?
3. What kind of a weirdo dreams about bleeding out of their ears?

I blame my nightmare on my job. Dang DCFS.

Just kidding, I love my job. Most of the time.


Sarah & Ty said...

I hate scary movies & this just confirms my phobia. That poster is scary & your dream sounds awful. I would have woken up drenching with sweat & clinging to Ty. Then checking my pillow for blood.

sarahbclark! said...

those are the worst kind of nightmares for me! the ones where i'm running and hiding but know that some super quick zombies are going to find me. which is why i wouldn't watch I Am Legend and hate Resident Evil. ick.

The Clems said...

dude the hills have eyes is so scary! i have seen it edited. its about mutant people who live in the hills and eat other people. i live for scary movies though! i love the zombie, slasher, scream movies!

p.s. sorry about your dream!