Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A letter of grievance.

To: American Red Cross
From: Mrs. Harris

Subject: Stop Calling Me.

Dear American Red Cross,

I've noticed that your organization has taken to calling me at least twice each week to urge me to donate blood. I grew tired of politely saying "no" and have begun to screen my Red Cross calls. I've received the frequent, lengthy voice messages left. I'm happy to know that you care.

Unfortunately, I have grown tired of the persisting phone calls I continue to receive from your organization despite my numerous declines. You say that my blood is rare and special and can be used on newborn babies? Thanks for the info, but do not guilt me into giving blood. I get very angry when people try to guilt me into things.

If you do not take the hint of me saying "no thanks" and screening my calls, I will be forced to lie and say that I have hepatitis. Or AIDS. Or both. Don't make me do that.

When I feel so inclined, I will definitely give blood again. It is not something I enjoy doing on the regular, due to the sting of the needle and the feeling of weakness for the next 24 hours. When I want to give blood, I will call you.


Mrs. Harris


Anonymous said...

please tell me that you really sent that. because if so, you have just risen 1000 points in my love for you book.

Jessica said...

I may borrow that since they keep calling my husband. I have started to screen their calls too!