Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall-time movies.

Now that it is officially fall (although this weekend's weather screamed winter), there are a few fall-time, lazy-day movies that are just so great to watch. Just wrap up in a blanket (or snuggle up with your significant other- or both), grab some kettle corn and cider, and watch a great movie.

Here are some of my favorite fall-time flicks:

You've Got Mail. I don't know what it is about this movie, but it just feels right to watch it when it's getting chilly outside and the leaves are falling. Meg Ryan says, "I love New York in the fall" or something like that.

Ernest Scared Stupid. Seriously, I've loved this movie for years and I definitely blogged about it last Halloween. This movie does a great job of helping you find your inner-child and get excited for Halloween.

The Illusionist. Interesting movie with a great twist at the ending. I only cringe when the young Sophie (Jessica Biel) shouts "Edvard! Edvard!" like a million times. Hello, it's EdWard.

Something's Gotta Give. Not sure how this relates to fall, but for some reason I love to watch this movie when it's a little chilly outside. Maybe it's because Keanu Reeves's acting gives me the chills- not in a good way.


Sarah & Ty said...

gooooood movies! i think it's funny that you associate all of them with fall, but it works. I haven't seen an ernest movie in a long time, so i might be renting that this weekend! lol.

Sarah & Ty said...

PS: you know how twinner movies come out? The twin for the Illusionist is The Prestige (you know what I mean...movies that are a lot alike & they come out at the same time). But the Illusionist was way better in my opinion. Prestige freaked me out a little.

Terri and Jack said...

Ernist Scared Stupid is one of Ashton's favorites too.
BTW- You should call or email Grandma B about your blog. She LOVED looking at mine, and it makes her feel very connected. One of my favorite WINTER movies is" The Trouble with Angels"!

The Clems said...

MIAK! Love it. You got mail it the best ever. I love when she is sick and in bed and tom hanks asks about the guys she is dating and she replies "I havent actually met him" and falls back onto the bed face down. classic. always makes me laugh!