Monday, June 1, 2009

Another husband post.

Sorry about all the husband posts as of late, it's just that Ben has been so fabulous lately. Even more fabulous than usual, in fact.

Today was an absolute craptastic day at work. It was so awful I'm not going to torture myself (and you) by going into detail. However, I did torture Ben with the details. Poor husband.

His response?

"I'm sorry stink (pet name that I hate, but whatev), you should eat some pie and put on some ANTM."

How fabulous is he?
1. He realizes the positive effect that pie has on my life and well being.
2. He knows what ANTM is. And uses it in proper context.

Pie? Check. ANTM? Check. Smile? Check.


Darek and Hollie Woodward said...

Darek calls me stink!! We are soul sisters chrissi :)

Sarah and Ty said...

so outta of it. what's ANTM?

Terri and Jack said...

Yeah- what is that?