Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Zoo- finally!

After getting rained out two weeks in a row, Ben and I were finally able to visit the Hogle Zoo! The weather was great and the crowds weren't too large.

I looove elephants, so I was way excited that they were out and about. We went to the Elephant Show and some poor little kid about 5 ft away from me got sprayed by the elephant's trunk. I'm happy that it wasn't me.

This elephant, Christie, is currently 20 months pregnant! And she still has two months to go! Poor girl, I thought that 9 months was bad enough...

Cute Benjamin... he liked the bears, because "they're kind of like dogs, but a lot bigger." Uh-huh.

We love each other.

The giraffe building is so neat, because you are able to see the animals up close!

I can't remember if I blogged about my last zoo experience, but the last time I was in the giraffe building there was some lady that decided to nurse her baby. Great, fine, whatever. You guys know about my public nursing phobia. Anyway, this lady whipped out her tot, bent over to get something out of her diaper bag, rummaged around for a bit.... all with her tot hanging out... talked to her baby for a second, and then proceeded to nurse her baby publicly. No blanket, no nothin. Ben and I about died. Anyway, this did not happen at today's zoo visit. Thank heaven.

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Sarah and Ty said...

Are you serious about the "tot"?? That's awful. I can see why you have a phobia. My sister-in-law Devin always reminds herself (when prego) that elephants are pregnant for 2 years. Life could be worse I guess. How in the world are bears like dogs!?!?!