Sunday, June 21, 2009

As previously mentioned...

Here is a picture of the diaper bag Ben got me for Mother's Day. I'm in love with it and can't wait until I can actually use it! The man definitely knows me and my tastes.

Also, here's a picture of me at 25 weeks. No denying that I am in fact pregnant. However, some of my clients act all surprised when I mention something about the baby or taking maternity leave in October. They're all, "What?!? You're having a baby?" Ummm yeah, I didn't just swallow a bowling ball for lunch.
In weekend news, me and Ben's plans to visit the zoo on Saturday were rained out for the second Saturday in a row. Last time I checked, we lived in Utah, not Washington. Go away rain! Hopefully next Saturday's zoo attempt won't be foiled. I want to see some animals for crying out loud!

Our rain plan meant eating lunch at 5 Guys and seeing The Proposal. Very fun movie, although the whole nude scene was a little...hmmm... special. You didn't really see anything, but very little was left to the imagination. Add sitting in the very front row in between your husband and MIL. Awkward and up close!


Janna said...

Love the bag!

You look totally adorable!

I went to see "He's Just Not That Into You" with a bunch of girls from church... a few scenes were a bit much and even more awkward being with people from church!!

sarahbclark! said...

chrissi, your bag is really cute. and i hate watching uncomfortable stuff like that with mom or my mother in law around! i think we're seeing that movie tomorrow night.
sometimes i'll get embarrassed for parents who bring their kids to movies with inappropriate parts. i kinda cringe and wonder what they're thinking. there was a scene in "land of the lost" like that, with boobie mugs, and there were a mom & dad there with a bunch of 12 year old boys. not ok for my kids, but they didn't seem bothered by it!
and wow, long comment.

Darek and Hollie Woodward said...

ok, I LOVE THE BABY BAG! Seriously, so cute! Go Ben!

Southwick Family said...

Chrissi: You look so, so cute! I hadn't realized that you were expecting! Congratulations! Baby is going to be so lucky to have you as a mommy, Ben as a daddy, and all of your parents as grandparents! That is such great news!

Terri and Jack said...

Chrissi, you look adorable