Monday, September 28, 2009

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

I get induced tomorrow morning at 6:30 am! Hallelujah!

I was definitely not expecting this, since my doctor typically doesn't induce first timers until at least 7 days overdue. He told me that my cervix was perfect, so he'd induce me Tuesday. Never thought that my cervix would be called perfect, but whatev.

Wish me luck!


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Good luck! I'll be thinking about you!!!

Janna said...

Good luck to you! I'm so glad for you that you get to be done with this pregnancy!!! Hope all goes well tomorrow. Can't wait to hear about baby Dylan (hope I spelled that right!).

Lindsay Marie said...

yay yay yay for your perfect cervix. and for a new baby. I can't believe it. GOOD LUCK!

you are going to be great. not like a *regular* mom, I'm a *cool* mom. (name that movie)

love you lots!

Angela and Mike said...

Hooray, we're so excited! Good luck! Take lots of pictures :)

Darek and Hollie Woodward said...

Ahh!! How exciting! I'll be thinking about you, good luck! :)

Megan Payne said...

AHhhhhhhh!!!!!! Can't wait!