Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update on my pregnancy and mental status.

Thanks for your kind words my friends- I was not doing too well on Friday. After two more days of rest, I am feeling much better. Well, actually no. Physically I am still drained, but I feel like I'm in a better place mentally.

You know, acting more like a regular person rather than the psychopath I was on Friday. Seriously, it's a good thing that Ben was at work all day on Friday, because I was a certifiable nutcase. I blame the hormones.

I go to the doctor tomorrow morning for my weekly visit. Last week I was dilated to a 2- hopefully there has been some progress. Seriously, by the aches and pains I have been dealing with for the past week I think that I should be dilated to a 7 or 8 by now... or at least a 3.

Also, 4 things happened this week to improve the quality of my life:
1. I ordered the fabulous leopard cardigan and it should be here within a week.
2. While we were driving down Orem Blvd. on Saturday night, Ben decided to moon someone. I had no idea what he was doing until his butt was out the window, but I can honestly say that I hadn't laughed that hard in years. I love my husband. Mom, dad, grandma.... sorry that you had to read this.
3. Babysitting for Dylan is arranged!
4. My crib bumper arrived in the mail and it's beautiful- thanks mom!


Angela and Mike said...

I'm glad you are mentally feeling better. You are almost there! Each woman that goes through pregnancy should get a crazy awesome trophy. It's quite crazy all we go thru to get these babies here. I guess they are worth it :)

The Clems said...

hang in there! :) you are a tough chick!

p.s. i loved the cardi! so cute.

Saduq and Serena said...

1. Hahahahahahaha about the mooning. Good thing you have a hubby to keep you in good spirits.

2. What are you doing for babysitting?

3. Can we see another pic!?

Heather and Billy said...

Gotta love the crazy woman pregnant hormones. MY husband thinks HE deserves a trophy for putting up with me each pregnancy. Whatever. I'm glad you're feeling better though and am keeping my fingers crossed for you. You're almost there. Oh...and totally jealous about the leopard print cardigan. It just sounds fabulous!