Friday, November 12, 2010

13 months.

I ended up skipping Dylan's 12 month update due to my laziness and lack of follow through with all things blog, but here is what Dylan is up to at 13 months (!) old.

Here are Dylan's stats from his 12 month appointment:

Weight: 20.35 lbs (15th percentile)
Height: 30 inches (59th percentile)
Head: 18 inches (31st percentile)

At 13 months, Dylan is turning out to be a fiesty little man. He has definite opinions and is one picky little eater. He does not hesitate to tell me or Ben "No!" and getting him to eat is a daily ordeal. Well, he is always willing to eat junk food or drink a bottle, but we're trying to get away from the bottle and only use a sippy cup. He is also becoming a little climber and is still in his "destructive baby" stage. Everything comes out of the bookcase on a daily basis and he is always taking things out of drawers. On the upside of things, Dylan is a better sleeper than ever. He sleeps for at least 11 hours every night without waking up, and takes two naps each day for about two hours apiece. Nice, right?

Here is the list of foods that he will eat: rice, beans, oatmeal, cheese quesedillas, cheese ravioli, pasta, bread, applesauce, pears, grapes... and that's about it. The only way that I can get him to eat vegetables is to give them to him in baby food form. I'm trying not to let his pickiness drive me crazy, although I admit it does some days.

Dylan is getting more verbal as well. His regular words are: mama, dada, kitty, Boo (what he calls Moo), Ocar (Oscar), bye, wow, no, hi and hello. It's so cute to hear him say more words! He has the cutest little voice!

Dylan has also fallen in love with Elmo. Whenever he sees that my laptop is on, he wants me to go to youtube to watch Elmo videos. It's the cutest thing.

Dylan is also super affectionate to me and Ben and is always running to me to give me hugs. It's precious to see my little guy running towards me with open arms and then falling into me for a hug. Cue melting.

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