Sunday, November 14, 2010

Date day + worst movie ever?

Hello friends! I'm just wrapping up a fabulous 4 day weekend (Veteran's Day on Thursday + no work Friday + regular weekend = 4 day wknd) and I am sooo not ready to go back to the daily routine of work and whatnot. This weekend was great though- I got to spend tons of time with my boys and just enjoyed some extra relaxation time.

Dylan and I didn't do anything crazy or out of the ordinary on Thursday or Friday, but Ben and I got a day date on Saturday! Hooray! Thanks to my pal/boss Jorden for watching Dylan while Ben and I hit the town! Well, not really hit the town... more like drive 1/2 mile to grab a burger at Five Guys and see a matinee.

We decided to see "Morning Glory" the new Rachel McAdams movie. I absolutely adore Rachel McAdams, so I usually end up seeing all of her movies.

I thought that the movie was ok. Probably would give it a B- in my book. Enjoyable, but could've waited to get it on Netflix. Ben, on the other hand, thought that it was one of the worst movies that he's every paid to see. Other than the 30 seconds that we were both laughing so hard that we had tears in our eyes, Ben was grumbling throughout the whole deal.... which leads me to my big question...

What is the worst movie that you have paid to see in the theater?

Mine would have to be this one:
Surprising, right? Great cast and seemingly hilarious plot. Nope, I found it awkward and offensive. Please share your least favorite movie experience! 


Anonymous said...

snake eyes. horrible in every way. walked out of the theater. oh and kicking and screaming. i LOVE me some will ferrell, but this was pretty bad.

Taylor Kowallis said...

yes Invention of Lying was the worst movie by far!!! Hated every minute of it! We saw Morning Glory this weekend too. Predictable, slow but okay. Was the funny part for you guys the weather man parts??

Jo-Dan said...

#1) Dr. T and the Women...
WORST.MOVIE.EVER. I mean, I knew the movie was about an OBGYN (played by Richard Gere), but I was NOT expecting to see Farrah Fawcett dancing naked in a fountain AND a full on live birth from the angle of the doc's face. I mean, giving birth is a miracle and all that, but I do NOT want to see that.
#2) Saving Silverman. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And, might I remind you, I only paid $1 for each of these movies, but it was still a waste of my time AND money.

Terri and Jack said...

I TOTALLY agree with you about "the invention of lying". In fact, as I was reading and before I saw your choice, that is the movie I was going to say.