Friday, November 5, 2010

Blame it on reality tv.

Ben and I have a really great relationship. We're best friends and we both really try to be kind to each other. We try to avoid being rude and snarky with each other, and  are usually successful. The times when the snarkiness typically takes over? When we're watching reality tv. Not even kidding.

Here's an example:

Ben is addicted to this show on the Golf Channel. I know, the Golf Channel. Uh-oh, the snarkiness is already escaping...
Anyway, he watches this show called Big Break and it's a competition between male and female golfers for all sorts of golfy prices, money, etc.
I think that it's a ridiculous show and I like to add my own commentary during the show to illustrate how silly I think that the contestants are and how they seem to say idiotic things all the time. Those who know me know that I'm not one to make fun of others and I really try and be nice for the most part. But this show? It brings out the worst in me!

And Ben?

Poor guy gets roped into watching America's Next Top Model with me most Wednesday nights. He always ends up doing the same thing that I do with his shows- spends the hour making fun of the show and the contestants AND sometimes me.

For example, the girls on the show were being snotty to eachother and just having some normal female drama. I turned to Ben and said, "I really like all the girls on the show and I wish they would just be nice to each other and be friends." And how did my sweet husband reply?

"You know what you should do? Make them a cake full of rainbows and smiles so they can all be friends like they were in middle school..... you freak."

Who is this snarky person that I call my husband?!? Of course we both laughed about it, but I'm telling you- reality tv is not bringing out the best in our personalities!

*10 points to the first person to name the movie that Ben referenced!


Terri and Jack said...

hahaha-- I HATE it when Dad watches that golf show..Big Break. I am constantly making side comments on the ridiculousness of golf. Especially all of the commercials during golf shows that reference "old men". (You know the ones I mean...)

Jo-Dan said...

Ben's quote is OBVIOUSLY from Mean Girls, and I find it HILARIOUS that he can quote that of all movies.

PS. Thanks A LOT for sharing the title of Ben's favorite golf I am destined to "enjoy" the same misery.

Morgan said...

Corky watches that show too sometimes.

But he does join me in watching Project Runway almost every single week.

And the fact that Ben can quote Mean Girls totally rocks.

Sarah said...

Boo you whores. I wanted to be the first to reply Mean Girls. Lol.

Jaime Wilkins said...

You go Glen Coco!

I wanted to say Mean Girls too! My husband and I are the same way about tv!

Darek and Hollie Woodward said...

"And none for Gretchen Wieners, bye!"

HA!! Mean Girls!! Love that movie, and I love your blog. You and Ben are too cute! Luckily, we don't get the golf channel! :)