Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Help a sister out.

Specifically, help my sister out.

My sister Sarah is having baby #3 in February and it's her first girl! Hooray! The current issue is the name. She doesn't have any idea what to name her baby and would love any suggestions.

Sarah is super picky and has definite ideas about what her baby's name should not be. Here are the basics:
- name must be more than one syllable. Since her last name is only one syllable, the first name needs more so things will sound how she wants.
-name cannot be super common. No to Madeline, Madison, Maddie, or anything equally common. Sarah likes things unique but not too crazy like Apple or Audio Science.
-name cannot have a "hard r" sound- for example, she'd never go for Darcy, since her last name is Clark. Too many hard r's.

Let the naming begin!


Megan Payne said...

a name i read from a great great grandmother on family history was "Valate"(pronounced like date). Valate Clark sounds pretty good!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

i can't reveal my absolute favorites because i might have another girl at some point, but here are a few i like:

maven (haven was almost maven)
harper (i know, hard R, but i don't care.)

Chrissi said...

chrissi, duh ;)

Taylor Kowallis said...

haha what happened to Lexi?? Lexi Clark sounds good and its super cute!!

Morgan said...

Bailey, Linley, Whitley, McKenna, Callie, Ruby, Velette (my middle name), Hallie, Mia

Good luck Sarah! :)

carterandhaileysmommy said...

i remember she like avery before she knew wyatt was a boy. i also like: ava, lyla, ella, kinley and sophie.

i was so excited to hear that she was having a girl and told her that now she can go do lots of shopping and knew that you would be super excited to go get girly stuff too!!! :)

Anonymous said...

ooo fun. she may not love any of my favs - but - hazel, sophia, afton, violet, presley :), laila.

and some of my SUPER favs - stiletto, tirany, destanee, jazzalynn...

Kristin said...

Hi Chrissi!

I just heard this name recently and thought it was cute: Elodie (it is a traditional french name, pronounced El-A-Dee).

Lori said...

I have always like the name Miriam. I taught this cute little blonde 3 year old miriam who was a total crack up.
Miriam Clark. Sounds very sufisticated and old fashioned.