Friday, May 6, 2011

I suppose I should be flattered?

So yesterday when I was driving to my office I realized that my superfab boss had just called me. I called her right back to see what was up. She wanted to be sure that I was planning on being in the office that afternoon because "She had to talk to me about a few things."

That is not something that you want to hear from your boss. It's like your significant other sitting you down and saying, "We need to have a talk" followed by some undoubtedly awful information. 

My response to my boss was something along the lines of "Ohmygosh am I in trouble for something?"
(it's so nice that I'm friends with my boss and therefore can be myself and say what I'm thinking, rather than worrying about being polite and always professional 100% of the time)

Anyway, a little while later I was able to speak to my boss... and she dropped two bombs on me. 

1. We're getting a new worker in a week and a half and I'm being assigned as her mentor. Whaaaaa? I suppose that I know how to do my job, but I wouldn't pick me as the one to mold her newbie mind. Let's hope I don't send her running. Whenever we have interns I find myself telling them, "I don't hate my job, I promise." OR  "I wasn't always this cynical." on a near-daily basis. Not too promising, eh?

2. I have been picked to be part of a pilot group for some new way of doing some things at work. Why, why, whyyyyy? Don't make me change the way that I do things! I am extremely resistant to any type of change/training/new policies at my job for some reason. Like, I go into all trainings with a scowl on my face because how dare you make me take time out of my busy day to make me learn something new. I'm rarely oppositional about things, but any changes in my work makes me grit my teeth for some odd reason. 

Bosslady and husband both say that I should see the bombs as positive things, as I wouldn't be asked either of these things if I was terrible at my job. True. I'm just being a spaz who can't handle change and resists extra responsibility at the workplace. Whop, whoppp.


Terri and Jack said...

Congratulations, Chrissi. I guess this means that you are a seasoned veteran and you must be good at what you do.

Jo-Dan said...

I LOVE reading posts about myself on other people's blogs! LOVE IT! Makes me feel popular...

You are making me think I need to change the way I present things to you...from now on I am going to start every important conversation with "I have some great news!" which will likely be followed by "Close the door..."