Saturday, May 7, 2011

Poor planning wins again!

Today Ben decided to surprise me with a fabulous Mother's Day gift- a sectional for the basement! I've wanted a basement sectional for awhile now, so I was one excited girl. We went to the furniture store and found a lovely brown sectional for a great price. Hooray! 30 minutes later, Ben went back to the store in his truck, picked up our new acquisition, and brought it home. 

A few hours later Ben had his friend Nathan over, so they did the manly thing of loading the furniture into the house. It took them about 2 minutes to realize that short of knocking down a wall, there was no way that the sectional would fit through the basement door. 


Now our living room has a couch, love seat, and an enormous sectional, making Dylan's toy area nonexistent. 
Current score:
The Harris family- 0
Poor planning- 1

On the upside, we now have a lot of seating in our living room. 
 Pretty, right?

Dylan's displaced toys. 


Lindsey said...

bummer!!! you can't return the sectional? or exchange it?

Jo-Dan said...

Have I shown you the holes that we made in the wall trying to get our favorite couch into the basement...but it never worked so we had to sell it? We should have measured before buying the house...

But with all that seating you should probably have a party...

Terri and Jack said...

Too bad! However, I do LOVE the sectional! Hope you can return it... if now- just change the livivng room around.

Raven said...

awwww boo!!! so what are you going to do??