Thursday, June 14, 2012

A few things as of late.

1. In a follow up to my last post, I don't think that I can be trusted with nice sunglasses ever. On Tuesday I was driving Ben's car and was also wearing his sunglasses. Somehow I managed to lose his sunglasses while at my old office in American Fork. I was worry stricken, because it's bad enough that I lose my own sunglasses, but unacceptable that I lose my husband's as well. Amazingly enough they were found the next day in a very odd place- hallelujah- by a wonderful Good Samaritan. Thanks Jen and Brenton!

2. I happened upon these adorable bandages at one of my more recent Target runs. Yes, I'm actually hoping for a reason to wear these. Little, tiny scratch? Yep, a band aid will be necessary. Hangnail? You betcha. 

3. Today is my first full day of being off work since going part time. I'm seriously ecstatic about it. What should I do? Spend the afternoon in the backyard with Dylan? Clean my house until it sparkles? Go to the zoo? I'm aware that not being at work does not mean I'll be doing nothing- hello, caring for a 2 year old is real work- but I'm so excited to have more time home without work interruptions. 

Lots more to day, but Dylan is now awake. Adios!

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