Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Happenings.

About that weekend.... as always, it just sped on by. It was a lovely weekend, free of any major appointments or obligations. I love weekends like that- ones where we can just hang out as a family and enjoy each other. 

Friday evening we kicked off our weekend by hitting up the driving range. You know me, I'm not a fan of anything golf related, but the husband is a golf maniac. Dylan and I were good tagalongs for about 3 minutes before Dylan started running all over the place and in front of golfers despite me planning ahead and bringing bubbles, cars, and snacks to occupy his attention. Can't win them all, right? It really did turn into a win though- Dylan and I stopped by Golden Spoon to kill time before Ben was finished driving.... or ranging... whatever it's called. 

Saturday consisted of boot camp at the gym (me), golf (Ben), errands, and playtime. Dylan and I also hit up Hobby Lobby to stock up on art supplies, and Dylan has gotten to the stage where he enjoys making stuff. 

The boy also enjoys pretending to go fishing in the gutter:

I also made these delicious (completely) and nutritious (not even close) sandwiches for dinner on Saturday night. Ironically enough, I discovered this recipe watching Rachael Ray while running on the treadmill at the gym. They're absolutely amazing- a hamburger within a grilled cheese sandwich. Gah, my mouth is now watering.

Another lovely weekend!


Chrissy said...

hamburger in a grilled cheese? YES! Sooooo not good for my diet but YES!

Jack Bartnett said...

You are a funny little goose!