Monday, June 4, 2012

Parenting Fail.

While I have plans of sharing photos and whatnot from my fabulous family vacation, I wanted to start things out with some real life. Yes, life is not always perfect, rosy, and well-accessorized. Sometimes you have times when you think to yourself, "Well that was some good parenting, ya dummy." I happen to have that moment on video for your viewing. Watch this pitiful video of what happens when poor Dylan gets on a piece of park equipment that is not for little ones. The kicker is that he said that he wanted down and was all done, and I was less than helpful. Whoops. I'm a first-time mom and I'm still learning, that's my excuse. Let it be known that Dylan was just fine after 20 seconds. 
Please tell me that this has happened to all of you parents?!?


Ann said...

My poor Dylan! I'm glad he was alright. However, I still don't think it tops my telling Ashley to stop crying and go back outside and play after she came in crying about her leg and I was on the phone. About a half hour later when she came in I impatiently asked her why she had one white sock and one red one on, only to find out the red one was a white one completely soaked with blood! Many stitches later (3 layers deep!) and a scar that she still bears, is proof that I too, am a victim of parent failure!! You're doing a great job you can tell by how much Dylan absolutely adores you! By the way, I do too.

allison said...

can't. stop. laughing.

Kaley said...

Is it bad that I've watched this twice now and laughed out loud both times?

Chrissi said...

Nope, I laugh every time I watch... and it's been at least a dozen times.