Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Sad Story: Sunglasses Edition

Once there was a girl who had a perfect pair of sunglasses. They were beautiful, they were flattering, they were Chanel. The girl took great care of these sunglasses for over two years, and always stored them safely in their case, rather than just throwing them in her purse. "Nice things needed to be treated well," she thought. 
Sadly, the girl made a grave lapse in judgement. One day, she got out of her car and set her sunglasses on the trunk, where they were forgotten for the day. The next morning, the girl had to leave for work. She got in her car and drove off, not realizing that her beloved sunglasses that were still on the trunk. The sunglasses were never seen again. 

Sad, but true. 

The girl needed some new sunglasses, but had not yet saved enough for a fancy pair. Instead, she bought a pair of cheapies that she'd probably only want to wear for a month or two anyway, as they were fun but not quite her style:

In fact, the girl kind of felt like a 17 year old hipster in the cheapies. The girl committed that she would take better care of her next pair of sunglasses in order for this travesty to never be repeated. 

The End. 

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