Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Favorite Things: A love story- part 2

Color Me Mine. Seriously, I love this place. If I had $100 grand I would totally buy into the franchise and open one myself. If you have lived under a rock for the past few years, here's what CMM is: you pick out your own pre-made pottery and you can paint and decorate it, and then they fire it for you. A few days later you can pick it up. I am in love with this place. Such a calming atmosphere with cool music and cute ideas. I love being a crafty person, but I am also somewhat lazy, that CMM allows me to be extremely crafty (painting and decorating) and lazy (not having to make the pottery) at the same time. I love this place, and I try to go as often as my husband will let me. It can be a pricey hobby, but it's also supercool, and I feel the coolness definitely outweighs the price.

Sharks! Well, probably not sharks as a whole, since I don't have a death wish, but sharks in certain circumstances. Like on tv or in a movie. Or pictures and books. For some reason, I just love sharks. I especially love movies about sharks who eat people. Not to say I enjoy real stories about people getting eaten by real sharks- hello, that is a tragedy- but I enjoy the glamorized terror and whatnot sharks create. I know, I'm a freak. Watch me get eaten by a shark someday. I'm just so fascinated with them and the terrible reputation they have. I'd really like to go on a (caged) shark dive someday and see them up close. If anyone else wants to go with me, let me know and we can get this shindig arranged :)


stacey said...

In AZ there was a place just like Color Me Mine called As You Wish and we used to do that all the time! We have lots of crazy cups, bowls and magnets from dates there. It's so fun!

Renae Kirby said...

a. my friend's dad owns the Color me Mine in provo. but no, i cannot get a deal on the stuff. but i wanna go sometime!

and 2. david is obsessed with sharks. shark week on Animal Planet is a celebratory holiday in our home. maybe he would go on a caged dive with you? i think i would just pee and vomit in fear, and i think either of those things could start an intense feeding frenzy. so i'll just watch from the boat.

Kendall Watkins said...

The Office was good, but I think I expected more. I didn't like how they kept Pam and Jim a secret. I wanted them to show them go on the date and say all these things to eachother and for it to be just perfect. Oh well. Michael was hilarious though. I love when he hits Meredith with the car. It is so unexpected. I love the 5k run too. What did you think?