Monday, February 18, 2008

I am the wife of a trucker

This past weekend I bit the bullet and went with Ben for the weekend. For those of you who don't know, Ben is a full-time student during the week and drives a semi-truck every weekend. I go with him every two months or so, because I feel guilty if I never go with him. But why would I go with him? Other than a million hours of uninterrupted conversation, being in that truck is beyond boring. Here's a timeline of events for you to drool over:

1pm- Ben and I drive to Salt Lake to pick up his truck
2pm- pick up trailer
2:30pm- officially on the road, headed for Denver via i-70
5:30pm- stop in Green River for dinner and bathroom break
8:30pm- canyon we have to go through is closed due to an accident, have to wait 5 hours for it to open. Force ourselves to pull over and sleep during this time. Bonus: this truck did not have a tv and dvd player in the back. Boooo.
1:30am- finally moving again
4:30am- we arrive in Denver, drop off trailer, bathroom break, pick up new trailer, sleep
9:30am- wake up, start journey back to SLC
3pm- bathroom break, re-fuel in Green River, lunch/dinner at Arby's
6pm- we approach Orem. I'm dying to get out of this truck. Ben drives the semi to our place and drops me off. He still has to drive to SLC, drop off truck and trailer, drive home
9pm- Ben finally gets home. Hooray!

But wait, there's more. I failed to mention the bathing using baby wipes, listening to sicko truckers ask "Are there any working girls here" over the radio at truck stops, and Ben catching an Arby's worker masturbating in the truck stop/Arby's bathroom.

Despite all my complaining, it is great to have Ben around every evening. He does his studying/classes/homework during the day, and he can hang out with me every night after I come home. Also, the paycheck is a nice bonus. Truck driving definitely is not a permanent career choice, but it works for us right now. Booya.


sarahbclark! said...

that sounds really boring. but way to be a supportive wife!
so gross about the arby's employee.

The Bishops said...

You are one funny girl. I love reading your blog because you are hillarious. Love the play by play of the trucking trip.