Thursday, February 7, 2008

Me too

As you can see, I too have been bitten by the bowling bug (how's that for alliteration). The other day Ben and I went bowling, and he bought me my own pink bowling ball and bag. How could I not love it?!?


sarahbclark! said...


you guys crack me up! however, i do see the sanitary benefits to using your own bowling ball. can you imagine how many dirty fingers have been inside those alley balls? i could make a reference to a prostitute but just don't have the energy.

Terri said...

OK--- YUK YUK Sarah!!!
On the other hand... I do agree that I don't like my hands in a bowling ball that isn't mine. That's why they have hand sanitizer. But I also don't like my feet in public bowling shoes... I guess that's why you wear socks.

Lissagerl said...

Truly, I have never thought about all the other fingers in a bowling ball. Now I'll think twice before I bowl again. Thanks, Sarah!!