Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cannot wait for this one.

Less than 4 days until "Breaking Dawn" is released! I am seriously so excited about this book coming out- probably as excited as I was for HP7. However, I must admit that I wasn't this excited until about 2 weeks ago. Since reading Twilight, I've always been a lukewarm fan- sure, I loved the books, but I didn't feel tons of emotion or excitement over the whole story.

No, no, this is no longer the case. Two weeks ago I decided to re-read the series in prep for book 4. I'd never read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse back to back before and oh my gosh I am now a super fan. Cannot wait for Breaking Dawn. Fret about what my happen to Edward and Bella. Paranoid that Bella will die before getting changed or married. Thank goodness for this little spoiler.

Ben has been warned not to bother me on August 2, as I will have my nose in a book the whole day.


Lindsey said...

I am excited too! A bunch of us girls out here are going to a launch party for it at Barnes and noble - to bad you don't live out here in Indy... you could come with us!

Gretchen said...

Yay!!! I am sooo excited too!! Best series ever =)

Heather & Billy said...

Billy got the same warning. I was done with it at 10pm. Are you done? Did you love it?