Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family, fireworks, and fun. I like alliteration.

Ben and I had a super crazy weekend. It truly was whirlwind without much down time. We spent the 4th in Richfield with all of Ben's family, minus TJ, Lori, and Taylor. We watched the parade down Richfield Main Street and I was stuck at how many pageant queens, 1st attendants, and 2nd attendants there were. Seriously, Miss Richfield, Miss Sevier County, Miss North Sevier County, Miss Rodeo, Miss Blah-blah-blah... seriously, Utah is so pageant-happy. Later that evening we camped out on the Richfield High School football field and watched a really really good (and long) fireworks show. The next day was even busier, full of visiting some of Ben's other family members in Salt Lake. Highlights were watching Ben try to learn how to unicycle and dominating a boccie (sp?) ball tournament. Sadly, no pictures to post. The only one's I took are kinda lame.

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Heather & Billy said...

Chrissi- I love your blog.