Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not we, just me.

Ok, do you married folk remember getting engaged and making the trip to Target/Bed Bath/Macy's to register for gifts? Ahhh... that was a good day. Anyway, when Ben and I registered for gifts, I just wanted to find things that we both liked. Ben rarely gave an opinion regarding home decor and whatnot, so when we registered I was desperate to hear him voice an opinion. And as a twitterpated newly-engaged girl, I was willing to ok anything he wanted to register for.

Like our dishes:
Nothing wrong with them, they just aren't completely my style. Also, they don't go with my color scheme.

Now that I'm over the "Say ok to any home item Ben expresses interest in, regardless of what I think of it" phase. I'm in the "I want what I like" phase.

Which leads us to our new dish set:
I absolutely love these dishes because:
A: the colors go with the rest of my living/dining area (aqua,brown,cream)
B: they're just pretty. Do you see the cute flower plates?

Thanks Mom for the dishes! I'm a happy girl :)


Terri said...

You are very welcome, Chrissi. They are beautiful.. just like you!

Nicki said...

aw...I haven't checked your blog in awhile, so it was fun to see NEW plates! Yay! It drives me insane that I don't have a kitchen of my own so i live through you

Heather & Billy said...

oohhh.. I REALLY love those plates. Good job! Has your taste totally changed from when you registered too? Mine has.