Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Like a teeter-totter.

Yesterday my life was so up and down. I'll outline the up's and down's for you to truly realize what life was like 24 hours ago:

Up: See Benjamin before work
Up: Eat at a delish bakery for lunch (Flour Girls & Dough Boys on State in AF)
Down: Leave work for a dentist appointment
Down: Get to dentist office and discover they are closed. What? It was 1:02 pm and my appointment was for 1:00. Hmmm.
Up: Don't know what do to, so I go visit Ben at work again. He works 1/2 mile away.
Down: Continue to call Aspen Dental to inquire about the drama, no answer
Down: Finally get a call from Aspen at 1:45 wanting to know where I am. They said my appointment was at 1:30. That's a lie. I have a card saying 1:00.
Down: Get 3 cavaties filled, 1/2 of face is numb until 5 pm
Down: Begrudgingly go to the Red Cross to give blood- they call me every week asking for blood and I finally gave in. Getting stuck with the needle hurt so bad- it stung like crazy from the iodine.
Up: Free cookies and juice after donating
Up: Randomly see Marc and Jasmyn on my way out of the Red Cross. Cute, cute newleyweds.
Down: Mouth and arm are throbbing
Up: Ben comes home from work and takes pity on me.
Up: Ben goes to grocery store, buys dinner stuff, and makes dinner
Up: Ben puts on Bridget Jones while we eat and while I whine about my aches and pains
Up: Ben putting in Bridget Jones 2 after 1 finishes. Wow!

All and all, it was not that bad of a day. Thanks to my sweet husband for making the day not suck.


Angela and Mike said...

What a sweet husband! I'm glad he made it end well.

Terri said...

One Word.........FLOSS!

Love you!!

sarahbclark! said...

that was such a nice thing for ben to do! sitting through 2 bridget jones movies with you, wow. go ben!