Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Going to the circus.

Ok, I'm not really going to the circus, but I am going to the Britney concert in April with some of my best girls. Hooray!

What really tipped the scales on my Britney interest was last week's documentary... how can you not feel sorry for the girl?

I so wanted to see a Britney concert when I was a teenager, so now I'll finally get my wish at the ripe age of 24. She did open for the 1998 N Sync concert I attended, but since I didn't really know who she was, I didn't care.

This had better be cooler than the time that I saw "Crossroads" in the theater with some friends and had to sit next to a creepy 50-something man who came to the movie alone and kept rocking back and forth during the movie.... nasty.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the unvite. merry christmas and happy birthday to you.

The Clems said...

her new cd is really good. i saw her back in 2002 and i was highly entertained. she looks amazing right now too. im sure you will have fun.

p.s. i felt bad for her when i watched her show on sunday. i also felt like it was a publicity stunt as well. if it was, it worked! i was sad for her.

Thomas and Melissa said...

Um your Crossroads story is the grossest thing I've heard in a long time... just so you know. Eww

sarahbclark! said...

i hope she doesn't wobble around the stage like she did at last year's VMA's.
i wish i could be out there and go with you guys too! i do love concerts.

Hollie and Darek said...

I'm so jealous chrissy! I'm a little embarrassed to say that ive always been a fan of brit. She makes good music!