Sunday, December 14, 2008


I have this fabulous friend named Melissa. Many of you Indiana folk probably know her. She and I have been friends for the past13 years or so and I am so happy to have her in my life. She is a sweet, smart, crafty girl who is without a doubt the kindest person I've ever known. Ben agrees. Ben and I actually talked about this (the nicest person award) at length, and we both came to the conclusion that Melissa fit the bill.

Here are a few facts about my friend Melissa (or Major Melissa as I sometimes call her):
- she founded her high school's art club
-she graduated from BYU, however she spent her freshman year attending Ball State in Indiana on a supersweet Lily Scholarship. I missed Melissa so much during this time. To stay in touch, we wrote each other letters. Acutal letters people.
-she met her husband while working at a dude ranch one summer
-she's the mommy to the adorable Macey, also known as Mace-face
- she bakes me the best bread in the world every year for my birthday. It's a gift that I treasure... and then eat.
-she's amazingly crafty. This year, she made me these Christmas tree ornaments:I almost cried when she gave me these ornaments, seeing as they are of my cats Moo and Oscar, and I'm obsessed with my cats. How thoughtful is she?

Bottom line, Melissa is one of my dearest friends and I'm so happy that I know her.

Thanks for being such a great friend Melissa!

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Thomas and Melissa said...

CHRISSI! This is the nicest thing you could have done... you are so cute. Thanks a million. What a wonderful thing to wake up to - a showering of compliments. Everyone needs to hear all that once in a while, your time was perfect. I feel the same way about you - and I'm glad that you remembered we wrote letters, I still have them. You met your cute hubby that year, aka they were good letters.