Monday, December 1, 2008

I do love surprises.

Next Monday is my 24th birthday- wow! As exciting as birthdays are, I really have mixed feelings about this one... let's break it down:

- starting to be taken seriously at work. Around this time last year I was hearing a client scream at me, "You're young! You're incompetent! You're young...." Yeah, fun times.
-Non-Utah people don't look at me like I'm crazy for being married

-24 is definitely considered "mid-twenties"
- I'm starting to get mini-wrinkles

Anyway, on to the surprise. Ben has instructed me to be home from 1-3 pm on my birthday... he also said that the surprise can't be delivered to me at my office. What could it be? I figure flowers would be easy to send to an office, so it probably isn't that. Maybe a kitten? Ben knows that I'm kinda obsessed with cats... MAYBE IT'S THE COMCAST MAN COMING OVER TO GIVE ME DVR! Oh, I hope that's the surprise... I want DVR more than anything...

Stay tuned, I'll definitly report on the surprise.

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Lindsey said...

how fun! I love surprises also! Rich planned this big surprise birthday party for me last weekend for my 24th b-day. I hope you have a great bday!