Monday, February 1, 2010

We're on tv!

Yesterday morning my dad was asked if he would mind being interviewed by a Denver news station about his recent heart attack and the help he was given by Hotel Teatro staff. The reporter also spoke to my mom, sister, and I about the situation. I definitely wasn't planning on being on camera, hence the lack of makeup. Oi vey.

See the story!


Lindsay Marie said...

You're famous! I loved Dylan's tv debut :)

So glad that your dad is ok and that there was a happy ending.

Love you!

Taylor Kowallis said...

wow this is great! Got me a little teary eyes again because of the miracle that happened for your family! We love you!

Sariah in Vancouver said...

You all look great! And your dad's story is just incredible. :)

Anonymous said...

wow. so glad he is ok. you look beautiful as always. i can't even believe this story.

Sarah and Ty said...

That's awesome: "friend for life in Mr. Bartnett". I might repost this. What a little miracle Chrissi!!

Oh (now that this is all better maybe I can add this sidenote)--did you hear the last words from the reporter?
"Hopefully he'll stick around!" Hello!

Suzie Soda said...

So happy everything turned out ok. How scary! It was nice that you could all be together and support your parents. You look adorable on TV. xoxoxo