Saturday, February 6, 2010

P90 holy cow!

Now that Dylan is over four months old, I need to retire my "I just had a baby so I can't work out attitude." I've been to the gym 3 whole times since Dylan was born and I really need to get back into the workout mode. The baby weight is no longer welcome and needs to be eliminated!

For reasons beyond my understanding, I've decided to skip out of the "easing back into exercise" mentality and dive headfirst into the "psycho-crazy glutton for punishment" exercise mentality.

Yes, that means that I need a P90X workout. Or at least part of one. I died after 20 minutes.

Holy cow, who are these people and how do they put their bodies through such torture? I've never been one to shy away from a certain type of workout, but my gosh these are hard!

My goal is to get rid of my remaining baby weight (7lbs- all located in my stomach) and look decent when family vacation in Florida takes place at the beginning of April. That is, if P90X doesn't kill me first.


Lindsay Marie said...

i've been wanting to try that. i think i need to find someone to borrow it from. do you like it... other than it being killer?

Morgan said...

It won't kill you! Just stick with it! It will get rid of whatever you are wanting to get rid of in no time, as long as you are eating right as well! will be in love with it! That is a promise.

Taylor Kowallis said...

Yes, stick with it! Its such a great work out! I love P90X!! Well when I do it ;)