Monday, February 15, 2010

And it's not even spring yet.

Ugh, apparently golf season has already started. Most of you are aware of my hate for the sport, as well as Ben's obsessive and undying love for it.

Well, it's 36 degrees and sleeting, and guess where my husband is? On the golf course. The man is crazy.

A perk of December through March is that the weather is too cold for golf, which means that I'm not a Saturday golf widow. Not this year though- Benjamin started golfing on February 13 (not counting his St. George golf weekend in January). 


I hate golf. And the golf channel. And Tiger Woods.


Angela and Mike said...

My husband has the SAME level of golf love that your husband does. He is golfing today actually....don't move to Las Vegas or he'll never have an OFF season for golf since it's warm all the time. haha. I speak from experience.

PS I don't like Tiger either. skank. not you....HIM.

Morgan said...

You would absolutely despise Arizona then. The only chance I have of spending a free Saturday with my husband is in the summer when it is 120 degrees outside and what I would call the WORST time to golf....but I DON'T!! Husband's excuse is "twilight rates!"


Terri and Jack said...

I'm with you sista.... In fact.. the more obsessed with golf Dad was, the more I dispised the sport. He wondered why I was hostile toward it.... it was because of his apparent affair with the sport. (Do i souund bitter?)

{lizzythebotanist} said...

oh, man, do i know where you're coming from. it's not like a little outing, it's a minimum of 6-hours! then they have to stop for lunch after. sheesh. if they aren't playing, their watching someone else play. and we're moving to vegas, which i guess means my husband will never be home. thanks for the heads up, angela ;)

{lizzythebotanist} said...