Sunday, February 21, 2010

Make it stoooop.

Alright people, I've discovered that there are a lot of things that no one really tells you concerning childbirth and its after-effects. 

One of those things? Post-partum hair loss.

I would say that about 3 1/2 months after Dylan was born, I started noticing that I was losing more hair than usual. Pregnancy was great- I barely lost any hair and was really enjoying my thicker than regular ponytail. Now, I'm losing hair at a rapid rate. Seems like at least triple the amount of hair than usual.

Seriously, it just keeps falling out more and more every day. At this rate, I'll be bald by next year. When does this phenomenon stop? Obviously I know that it stops eventually, but when?


{lizzythebotanist} said...

i didn't really have this problem-my hair just gets curlier with each kid i pop out. BUT a few friends have had hair loss and one of them told me that nature's sunshine HSN supplement is amazing. her hair has grown and thickened and is so much shinier. maybe you could try that? (disclaimer: not sure if it's suitable for nursing moms-check on that first.)

Nici said...

Not sure about the hair but I know I lost all mine that I could during and after my mission. So, that doesn't help but I saw the book you are reading...what do you think? keep me posted I may want to read it if it's worth it. thanks!

Janna said...

It stops!! That happened to me with my first two kids. Hair didn't come out hardly at all during pregnancy. And about 10-12 weeks post-partum my hair started falling out like CRAZY! I figure it's equivalent to what you kept during pregnancy. It will stop though. I'm waiting for my hair loss to start any day now!

~Aimee~ said...

Yep, I totally went through that. It was more noticeable after Jason's pregnancy, than after Jilly's. I would say it lasted like....a month? But it is back to normal now. It was driving me nuts for quite a while though.

stacey said...

I shed like crazy anyway so I don't really know if it was worse after I had Scarlett. Tyson says he doesn't know how I'm not bold with all the hair I lose.

Also, we're reading the same book! I just started so I'm not that far into it.