Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's happenings.

On February 13, Ben and I had our Valentine's celebration. This marks our 4th date since Dylan was born. We really need to get out more, but it's just so much easier to be lazy at home with our bug.

After eating our fancy feast of In N Out, we dropped Dylan off at our friends Allison and McKay's house (where Dylan decided to turn into a demon- sooooooorry.) and we headed out for our date. We I wanted to see New Moon at the dollar theater, but whadayaknow, it was sold out. Seriously, it was released like 3 1/2 months ago- is the demand really that high? Ben said that every single BYU freshman girl was likely at the movie.

We decided to go to Fat Cats and bowl, since we hadn't been bowling since I was about 5 months preg. I beat my all time high score and beat Benjamin too!
See? 156 to 146. Booya.

We like each other.

Happy Love Day.


Ashley said...

Jared and I still haven't been on one date since Josie has been born. I guess we're mostly lazy but as an excuse we also don't have family or friends close by to watch Josie. Boo...

Anonymous said...

i still need to post pics - prehateme cry time. it was fun. and i hope he comes back soon.