Saturday, March 13, 2010

Call it blasphemy.

I am as excited about Eclipse coming out as the next person. Seriously, I am. Ben makes fun of me on a regular basis for my excitement. What I am not excited about is this trailer.

The book has a ton of action (I'm talking vampire fighting.... romance too though), and none of it is even featured in the trailer.

I know, I know, the big thing about this movie is the choice that Bella is going to have to make- Edward or Jacob, vampire or staying human... but seriously, this trailer needs some spice!


The Clems said...

its not the full sure when it gets closer to the release in june, we will see some of the action. i wanted to see it too! i am pretty impatient!

Sariah in Vancouver said...

Yeah. Keep in mind that the trailers usually get better and better as the release date approaches. Plus, they could have totally different kinds of trailers, one like this showing the love triangle and others showing the action... we'll see! I'm still super excited! :D

Anonymous said...

BOO!!! i'm with you. so angsty and lame. no action on either front. i think we should go to the movie and make fun of how lame it is. or at least count how many times taylor lautner has his shirt off. 1 check for first trailor. :)