Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fabulously random.

1. I just found out that my high school bestie Ale and her boyfriend Joey recently attended Bachelor Jason and Molly's wedding in LA. Seriously. They were actually invited to the wedding.How cool is that?!? Check her blog and read about her experience at Jason and Molly's wedding. So. Incredibly. Cool.
2. When does Glee come back? I'm having some serious withdrawls.

3. Florida in less than a month. Cannot wait. The only miserable thing is the cost of a rental car. Seriously, over $100 per day? That's insane! I've decided that we're going to rent a U-Haul for a week because it's only $30 per day. Not even kidding.

4. I need a pedicure. Ben told me that I have Hobbit feet. Thanks honey!


The Clems said...

april 13th!!! cant wait. love GLEE!

Anonymous said...

we should have office pedi days. really.