Monday, October 25, 2010

Adventures in text messaging.

Yesterday morning Ben, Dylan, and I were sitting in church. About 30 minutes into sacrament meeting, Dylan started to get restless and whatnot, which was Ben's cue to take Dylan out to walk the halls with him. About 10 minutes later I thought that I heard my phone vibrate, so I took a look at it and saw a text from Ben... here is the text-versation that ensued:

Ben: Putting baby to bed
Me: What? How am I supposed to get home? (I'm thinking "who does he think he is, just taking the car and baby home and leaving me here?")
Ben: What do you mean?
Me: You are taking the car home so I have to walk. (I'm getting really irritated that I'm going to be walking home from church in my heels. Grrr)
Ben: Come out to the foyer real quick.
Me: Ok.

So apparently, Ben sent the first text on Saturday night. I was at a movie with my pal Stacey and he was just letting me know that he was putting Dylan down to bed. I obviously didn't get the message until Sunday morning, and all sorts of confusion then took place. When I got to the foyer Ben looked at me like I was absolutely crazy and wanted to know why I thought he was taking Dylan  home. Duh.

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Nici said...

You guys are funny! I love that stuff.