Sunday, October 10, 2010

A poorly thought out plan.

Yesterday Ben, Dylan, and I were all set to go to the BYU football game. Ben had scored some tickets for free and we were way excited to go to the game. Even more, we were excited to take Dylan to his first BYU football game.

We were afraid that the parking situation would be a zoo, so we decided to take the UTA shuttle from the University Mall to the stadium. Things seemed to be going smoothly from the shuttle to the stadium, but as soon as we weaved through the rows of people and sat in our seats, I noticed that Dylan no longer looked excited. He looked nervous and concerned. 

Then, as soon as the game began and the crowd began to cheer, Dylan started sobbing. Like tears rolling down his cheeks, clinging to me sobbing. I think that the combination of the new situation and the cheering of the crowd was too much for him. 

After less than 15 minutes in our seats, it was easy to see that we needed to leave. Our poor boy was traumatized by his first football experience and I would feel worse the longer that we stayed. 

We then realized that we didn’t have a car near the stadium or a stroller in which to push Dylan. The shuttle was not going to take gamegoers back to the University mall until the game was over, which meant that we were stuck. We didn’t want to inconvenience any of our friends with a request to pick us up at the stadium to take our car, so we decided to walk the 2.14 miles uphill from the stadium to our car, sans stroller.

Yes, we ended up walking from the stadium back to University Mall to pick up our car. No stroller. Uphill. 2.14 miles. Gaaaaaaah.

I guess it was silly of us to assume that Dylan would do fine at the game... but it really wasn't that bad. It was nice to have an hour to walk and talk and see Dylan cracking up while riding on Ben's shoulders.

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Amber said...

I walked up that hill once...thought it was a great way to get to the mall from Provo before I had a was horrible! And without a stroller....nice workout!