Saturday, October 30, 2010

DuuuuuuunDun. DuuuuuuuuuunDun. Happy Halloween!

 Dylan was a ferocious little shark for Halloween this year. Unfortunately, the squirt refused to pose for pictures, so the above picture is the best that I've got. Despite not minding his costume earlier in the week, Dylan hated his costume today. Like, would crumple to the floor and cry every time the hood part was up. As you can expect, the costume portion of the evening didn't last long. Here are a few of my other photo attempts. Dylan was not excited.

Let's hope that he enjoys Halloween next year more than he did this year. With the wet weather and his less than happy mood, we decided to skip trick or treating this year and hand out candy at home. Next year all bets are off... and I'm already starting to work on Ben to dress up with Dylan next year for his first trick or treating experience.


Angela and Mike said...

haha, very cute though! That's why I decided with just a Superman cape this year. I knew Colton would hate a costume! Makes for a good story though :)

sarahbclark! said...

he looks so mad in the last picture! sad!

Terri and Jack said...

Chrissi-- all you have to do to convince Ben about next year is to tell him how much you loved it when Dad dressed up as the maniacial clown when you were 2 and trick or treated with you. I give Dad an A+ for that. By the way-- you threw a fit when I wanted to put clown make up on you... you settled for red spots on your cheeks. I know you don't remember what a little fit thrower you used to be. Payback????