Friday, September 16, 2011

My marriage in a nutshell + it's getting busy around here.

Ok, this is something that I find humorous. Ben and I have a very playful marriage that really centers on our friendship. We really are best, best friends. Ben makes me laugh every day and always surprises me with his silly Ben-isms. Perfect example:
I leave him a note on the back door asking him to take out the trash with a heart at the bottom. Ornery Benjamin says no, draws a skull and crossbones, and takes out the trash anyway. 

Another one: one time I told Ben "I love you" and he responded by saying "I tolerate you." I told him that he was an evil beast. 

Anyway, there is our marriage in a nutshell.

Now is the beginning of the busiest time I've had in awhile. Let me give you a peek of my schedule:
Sept 16: Bunco
Sept 20: Mix tape club meeting
Sept 24: Skyler and Rachel's wedding
Sept 29: Dylan's birthday
Sept 30: Ben's birthday
Oct 1: family pictures, 1st of the month dinner
Oct 6: parents come to town
Oct 8: Dylan's birthday party

This is very busy for me, as Ben and I like our quiet little life where we go to work and come home. I love, love being social but I'm getting a little stressed by all that is going on and all that I have to get done. 

Dylan and I went to Old Navy to get some fall clothes, and I had to buy this:

Hilarious, right? Ben may have to sport one for Dylan's party, as it is a Cowboy Woody theme. And yes, all of my parties have a theme. I'm a theme person, if you haven't gathered that already. 

Have a great weekend everyone! Let's hope that the BYU football team doesn't decide to suck again. Being that I live so close to the road leading to the stadium I'm going to avoid the roads at all costs. Gotta avoid all the crazy superfans.

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Southwick Family said...

Chrissi, I haven't been blogstalking in a while, but I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Dylan is a super cute 2 year old. I'm sure you already knew that, but I just wanted to confirm it! I'll be checking back to see the birthday party deets.